Welcome to Powertrip

Please excuse all the dust here. pendrell.textdrive.com crashed and this site was on it. The server received a fresh Operating System install and was restored from backups. The old version of Ruby on Rails powering the old version of Radiant no longer worsk. It's back but the ancient rails build I was using to power radiant no longer works. It's in the process of being rewritten in node.js and express to power this site.

This site is currently undergoing a major facelift which is taking a while to complete. I am currently running four different pieces of software to render the content that is viewable on this website.

node.js, Radiant CMS, Ataris Backstage, Movable Type and a feed reader I wrote for a feed reeder I was writing a while back before things like Afrigator and Amatomu launched - similar to Bloglines. The layout for various parts of this site may be broken for a long time to come seeing that getting the CMS + blog to look similar is quite a mission, and I'm no CSS guru and figuring out what I like takes time seeing I'm into layouts that look clean and crisp. Slowly all the non blog content is being migrated into the Radiant CMS so that it is all editable through one web interface rather than two. Things viewable here:

Hi, you've found the personal website of Jacques Marneweck, who is an Open Sourcezealot who is associated with various Open Source projects including the PHP Project . He has developed various PEAR classes for various webbased services which he has developed, including interfacing with the Clickatell SMS Gateway for sending SMS messages and retreiving MAP data from Map Studio using various Geo Location techniques.