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New version of Movable Type Installed

I was hoping that Hetzner would have my files but they've deleted the contents of the HDD and I don't have my blog files, various other files relating to a few sites that were hosted on that particular drive, backup files for some software I've written, tarballs, etc. etc.

Anyway the blog is backup minus all my content. Hetzner you okes suck. :/ It's always nice to know that you guys don't do backups either.

I'll be remaking the tarball for SMS_Clickatell version 0.4 when I have time.

Disclaimer: I hereby give notice that I am merely exercising my right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, that the above is my opinion and that I am protected by the constitution from any legal action that may occur as a direct or indirect result of my opinion. This constitutes an opinion on the current status quo and not an attack on a person/s or company.

Also I've found a tarball of SMS_Clickatell 0.3 which is online.

Anyway busy importing blog entries I'm gathering from Yahoo! Cache and Google Cache.


Just testing to see if TypeKey works correctly for the posts requiring users to have a TypeKey account.

Also I'm going to start merging old comments I have back into here.