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Yahoo! aquires blo.gs

Jim has sold blo.gs to Yahoo!.

the sale of blo.gs has been completed, and i'm proud to announce that yahoo! has acquired the service. as of right now, give or take a few minutes, yahoo! is running blo.gs.

this is the sort of good home that i was looking for — yahoo! obviously has the resources to run and improve blo.gs in pace with the incredible growth of blogs (and syndication in general), and in talking with them it was also clear that we had some of the same vision for the future of the service and the ping/notification infrastructure.

Congrats to Jim on the sale. It's great that blo.gs is part of Yahoo!.

Jeremy goes on to say:

What are our plans for the service? Simple. Keep it running, make it scale, and make it even better (a lot like the Flickr plans).


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